Zen Master’s Fall Advice

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The Zen Master’s Fall Advice


What you do,” said the Zen Master,

“is you pinch yourself awake. You can pinch yourself

with your fingers, or a patio door,

or an orange clothespin. Some say belief

in pink lemonade helps. Others, a falling maple leaf

in mid-Autumn Vermont. To catch it

with one hand is best. What is it about your life

you want to catch falling? It’s my bet

you like cherry blossoms, blue skies better yet.


-Dick Allen


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  1. I’m out catching leaves and pinching myself alive! Nice reminder of life’s treasured memories.



  2. Thank you, Lura! It’s vivid specifics, strange details, I think, that pinch us awake. Catching falling leaves (or, later, snowflakes) is important. Also, Wheaties and Cheerios and the sun in the morning and the moon at night, and in this season pumpkin ice cream in carefully chosen bowls, with or without hot fudge sauce. 🙂


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