The Zen Master Speaks About Conquering Envy

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The Zen Master Speaks About Conquering Envy


To conquer envy, said the Zen Master,

jealousy, unfairness,

whiffle balls,

you could read Whitman’s “When I Heard the Learn’d Astonomer”

or imagine the Green-eyed Monster taking a bubble bath.


Know that all feelings and emotions are just like passing clouds.


“We will all perish,” I heard a guru say,

“like apples and tomatoes—just a longer shelf life.”


“It’s hell, getting old!

“But consider the alternative.”


If and only if you could only have

  1. Your deepest secret desire
  2. His or her fame

which would you choose?


A belief in reincarnation helps. To each life, one main task:


This life: stop smoking.

The next life: Lose (or gain) weight.

A few lives from now: Rescue a friend from an oncoming train.

Many lives from now: Your time will come.


Once a god, then an ant.

Once an ant, then a god.


It’s so simple, it sounds utterly stupid:


walk your dog.


-Dick Allen



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