Zen & Politics

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Zen & Politics


“Be like a shattered metal gong

and utter nothing,

even when angry words

fall upon you,”

said the Zen Master.

“Swallow your tongue.”


So we tried,

but our tongues were slimy

and did not go down well,

we had been so long in politics,

grown certain we could do no wrong,


not even to window panes

or blue eyelashes.


-Dick Allen


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  1. Kudos for a most appropriate creation. best, Lura


    • Thanks, Lura! A terrible, fascinating election, with the unbelievable happening in that a certified madman
      is actually one of the two major candidates. The nation writhes and weeps and we’re all touched and slimed and
      corrupted. In the back of our minds, we long for civility, dignity, honor, and a clean wind to blow across the land
      as it did with the grace notes of two I didn’t even vote for–Presidents Bush and Reagan.


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