Zen Master Commercial

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Zen Master Commercial


“When I reached the end of my wits,”

the Zen master said,

“and instead of painting ensos, all I could manage

were Z’s, like Zorro used to scratch

on the sides of stucco buildings in Mexico,

parallel stroke to the right,

horizontal stroke backwards and down,

another parallel stroke:

three jerky movements, unlike the grace

and ease of an enso,

which is like slowly yawning

or doing something so right you know, as you do it,

that for the rest of your life you’ll never regret it,

there, at the end of my wits,

in that green bamboo forest, populated

by striped tigers,

I found Leonard Cohen

sitting on a log, toasting marshmallows,

and singing, “First We Take Manhattan,

then we take New York.”

-Dick Allen

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