Thanksgiving: The Horse…The Way



                                               -a Thanksgiving poem


Does it, really? This old horse,

heading across the river and into the trees,

through the white and drifted snow,

does it really know The Way? Has it studied

Buddhist scripture? Does it understand

Buddha’s Flower Sermon, the one in which

Buddha holds up a flower and smiles benignly,

a giggle inside his holiness?

When the horse munches from its feed bag,

is it really thinking about the sound of one hand clapping?


Mysterious horse,

wondrous horse,

questioning horse,

we cling to the side of your sleigh,

holiness and silliness in one great mess,

and should you ever get us home,

avoiding Frost’s woods and snowballs from hidden children,

may there be great helpings of turkey,


Oh horsefeathers!, as my grandmother used to say,

just tons of biscuits and gravy.


-Dick Allen


IMG_6990 copya.jpg

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