Seeing Your Breath


Seeing Your Breath

When, each Fall, it first happens,

rising up from your lips like a tiny patch of fog,

and you blow at it to test it,

creating more fog,

the warm front of your breath

meeting the cold front of October air,

how ordinary seems

the extraordinary: invisible air

made visible—what keeps your heart beating,

your lungs alive,

your blood refreshed, your face flushed,

in little outside gusts. Alive,

inhaling, exhaling,

you watch your breath

appear and disappear, it must be 32º,

and shake your head and take another breath.

-Dick Allen

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  1. Dick, this is what makes poetry the irresistible medium it is. Some concept said succinctly. Bravo and Blessings, Katharne Carle
    Bloomfield poet


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