How to Meditate



To learn to do nothing, first you must do something

like read that Elizabeth Bishop poem about the gas station,

or drink cranberry juice straight.

You must sing, “Old Dan Tucker / You’re too late to get your supper”

while walking backwards around a kitchen table.

You must be vivid, like polka dots

and the kind of bicycle horn you squeeze and it goes “Ooga!”

No white shirts and white blouses for you. You must

avoid slipping into anything that’s comfortable

like your favorite expressions of “Damn!” and “Double damn!”

and “I’m home!” To learn to do nothing,

you must come from somewhere other than a shopping mall

and you must be evocative as a mandolin in a bluegrass band,

for only then can you calm down

into an opposite, into a just barely breathing,

a frame around a frame around a frame,

ad infinitum. And you float, like silk on water.

-Dick Allen (from Boulevard)

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  1. I like the way how you try to change one’s conception about meditation and how to meditate.
    But I would really like to read about how it is done?
    Thank You.


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